When You Need a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney, Turn to Denver Defense Lawyer Kimberly Diego Denver area residents who have been arrested and are facing criminal charges will want to have a Colorado criminal lawyer who has experience defending similar cases and the expertise to guide them through the difficult and often confusing Denver judicial system. Ms. Diego is a staunch believer that every client, whether juvenile or adult, deserves the most rigorous defense possible no matter what the charge. View a sampling of Ms. Diegos recent criminal defense case results. Kimberly Diego to defend a wide range of criminal defense case types, including: Assault & Battery Burglary Domestic Violence Drug Crimes DUI and DWAI Theft Crimes Shoplifting Sex Crimes and much more... For a criminal defense attorney in the Denver area who exemplifies these qualities, call Kimberly Diego. For legal advice about your specific case, call (720) 257-5346 for a FREE consultation.

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