Top Rated Environmental Law Lawyers

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Katie Crosby Lehmann
Charter Member
Environmental Law

225 So. 6th St., Suite 4600, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55402


Katie’s known for practicing at the intersection of science and the law. She pinpoints the advantages and disadvantages of each case, quickly and efficiently. Seeing through the pitfalls while recognizing the advantages both sides face helps refine the business goals and litigation strategies for any dispute. She knows the best strategy may be an unconventional one. Katie’s practice demonstrates leadership, strategy and advocacy in business, environmental, and other science-based litigation. Katie was lead trial and is lead appellate counsel in one of Minnesota’s top water protection and environmental rights cases, White Bear Lake Restoration Association v. DNR, involving the mapping of groundwater from a lake to aquifers below, which is then withdrawn as drinking water. She also serves as counsel to various businesses on contract, licensing, and business-to-business disputes. She has served as litigation counsel in patent infringement cases involving a wide variety of technologies.

Roy Mason
Distinguished Lawyer
Environmental Law

223 Duke of Gloucester St, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA


Roy L. Mason has been practicing law for more than 40 years. He served as Senior Partner at Montedonico & Mason, a firm of approximately 50 lawyers, and became managing partner of Mason, Ketterman & Cawood, which later became Mason, Cawood & Hobbs. In 2010, Roy founded The Law Offices of Roy L. Mason, PA, which he ran successfully until 2015, when he founded Smouse & Mason, LLC with Russ Smouse. He has been named one of the top 100 trial lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association and has been selected as a member of the Super Lawyer group since it began. Throughout his career, Roy has co-authored numerous publications, including: “Maryland Courts Still Wrestling with Medical Malpractice Issues Raised in 1890,” The Daily Record; “Practicing Before the Md. HCA: Some Question Need for System,” The Daily Record; “Legal Concerns in Trauma Nursing,” Trauma Nursing, (1988); and “Cleaning Up Afterwards and reducing the threat of litigation,” Bailliere’s Clinical Anesthesiology, (1993). In addition to serving as a member of Smouse & Mason, LLC, Roy serves on the board of the Chesapeake Legal Alliance, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to using the law to improve the quality of the Chesapeake Bay.

Richard Middleton
Charter Member
Environmental Law

317 Liberty Street, Savannah, GA 31401, USA


As the lead attorney at The Middleton Firm, L.L.C., Richard Middleton has achieved more landmark settlements, judgment, and verdicts in more than 40 states throughout the U.S. than any other lawyer in the Savannah, Georgia area, netting seven- and eight-figure financial recovery figures for his clients. Mr. Middleton focuses on fighting for environmental and human safety, which is reflected in his practice areas including Agricultural and Industrial Nuisance where environmental claims and occupational diseases can arise from odor, noise, vibration, dust, and fumes from large industrial processing. When negative environmental reactions are caused by companies who are operating in your area, your legal ability to pursue them for financial damages is unleashed through Mr. Middleton’s successes in meditation, arbitration, and litigation. When it comes to the legal areas of hydro-fracking, toxic substances, and safe workplaces, Mr. Middleton provides representation that is second to none in the State of Georgia, no matter where the case unfolds, including federal, state, and local courtrooms. A tireless advocate for personal injury victims, Mr. Middleton has provided expert legal care for those who are suffering from a catastrophic injury from an accident or products liability case, including those who have lost a family member to someone else’s negligence. Mr. Middleton prides himself in holding those who are negligent in their actions accountable – at a personal or company level – and that includes those who have suffered setbacks in the commercial and business worlds. As a revered litigant, Richard has provided exceptional representation strategies for individuals and business owners who require legal expertise in business torts, employment litigation, franchise contracts, insurance fraud, and SLAPP-back litigation.

Bonnie Miskel
Charter Member
Environmental Law

14 SE 4th St, Suite 36, Boca Raton, FL 33432


Ms. Miskel is currently a Senior Partner with Dunay, Miskel and Backman, LLP, and has been practicing in land use, zoning and regulatory law for 24 years. She is qualified as a land use and zoning expert witness in quasi-judicial proceedings; she has represented public and private sector clients in connection with Chapter 166, 163 and 380, Florida Statutes; represented private sector in over 50 variances and waivers over the past 24 years; represented over 50 code enforcement matters throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties; prepared and processed text amendments to Land Development and Zoning Code Regulations; prepared Comprehensive Land Use Plan Amendments in cities and counties; represented clients in connection with Developments of Regional Impacts; and she is well versed in Chapters 380, 163, 177 and other regulatory chapters of Florida law. She has represented clients before School Boards, Board of County Commissioners, City Commissions, FDOT and other Governmental Agencies and Housing Authority Boards.

Jennifer Novak
Charter Member
Environmental Law

500 Silver Spur Road, Suite 206, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275


When businesses are accused of polluting, we clean up the legal mess. I have practiced law in California for more than 23 years with a career that includes private practice, as a Deputy Attorney General with the California Department of Justice, and as a clerk to an appellate court judge. Our firm represents property owners and businesses in environmental litigation and as advisors for matters involving soil and groundwater remediation, Clean Water Act citizen suits, Water Board investigation orders, and more. We collaborate with our clients to identify the best strategies for their needs. What matters most is our clients’ comfort level and for them to know they have a supporter, advisor, and advocate in their corner. We help our clients assess their risks and liabilities, develop a strategy, and then see it through to the end. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies and national corporations to individual landowners and small businesses.