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Michelle Barnes
Featured Lawyer

213 Sunburst Hwy, Cambridge, MD 21613


Criminal and Civil Litigation Michelle Barnes has 25 years of experience in a successful, litigation based practice, and has been at the top levels of the field. She limits the number of cases she will accept to insure that she can take the time to research your situation completely. Every case is handled and prepared as if it will go to trial with attention to details that you deserve. Michelle spent 12 years as a successful trial attorney before running for election as State’s Attorney. Michelle was the twice-elected State’s Attorney for Dorchester County. Being able to bring the experience as the top law enforcement officer is significant to the preparation of the most complex criminal cases. Michelle knows not just how the prosecution thinks and prepares from her years of experience, she has spent that time involved with other elected State’s Attorneys discussing policies and directions and individual needs of the various offices. She knows what goes on behind the scenes and will use that knowledge to best prepare your case. Michelle handled the most serious cases in court and every type of felony in her many jury trials as State’s Attorney. Michelle has been successfully handling family law cases in all areas from visitation to custody to divorce. Michelle has been successful in trials for custody of parents and third parties, as well as cases for parents and third parties seeking visitation. Michelle also handles other areas of family law such as adoption and guardianship, or protective or peace order filings. Michelle has successfully helped those with personal injury cases and other litigation based cases get the outcomes they deserve, even when those on the other side are trying to deny adequate compensation. Michelle has also spent 8 years as a Division Chief in the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, in charge of the entire state. Michelle has an intimate and detailed knowledge of the court system and has handled cases all over the State of Maryland. Michelle has handled thousands of cases in court and tried over 300 jury trials. She is not afraid to try your case. She has won cases on both sides of the table, both in the civil arena, and in criminal cases as both a criminal prosecutor and defense attorney. She knows how to handle your case. … whether the right outcome for you is by using kid gloves or a heavyweight and aggressive approach, she has the know how to approach your case in a way that is in your best interest. Michelle’s experience and expertise in a courtroom will benefit you no matter what type of court case you have. You want Michelle in your corner when you are facing a courtroom.

Robert Bertsche
Featured Lawyer

1 International Pl, 3700, Boston, MA 02110


Media and First Amendment Law Robert A. Bertsche is devoted to protecting and strengthening his clients’ ability to communicate their content on a wide variety of platforms, including digital, interactive, print, electronic, and social media. As a media and First Amendment lawyer with a national practice, Rob offers counseling and litigation services to clients throughout the United States including magazines, newspapers, book publishers, broadcasters, website operators, bloggers, filmmakers, and advertising and public relations agencies.

Victor Bianchini
Charter Member

402 W Broadway, STE 2400, San Diego, CA 92101


Mediation and Arbitration Judge Bianchini was appointed a Federal Magistrate Judge for The Southern District of California in 1974. After 8 1/2 years of service, he was appointed to the State Court Bench. He retired from the Superior Court in San Diego to pursue his passion for mediation as a full time neutral in 2002. He was later recruited by the Federal Courts in New York as a settlement judge for complex civil litigation and prisoner civil rights matters. During his tenure on both the state and federal benches, Judge Bianchini mediated more than 3,500 cases ranging from simple to multi-issue complex matters. Among his settlements are many multi-million dollar verdicts in complex cases ranging from patent cases to class actions. Judge Bianchini is known to be an advocate for the settlement process while using a warm and caring approach. Many clients praise him for not giving up and truly exploring every avenue for possible settlement. One client said, \"he is a wonderful person, knowledgeable, and an extremely effective mediator.\" Judge Bianchini is a fixed wing pilot with 1500+ hours. He flew in helicopters in Vietnam as a crew member and was awarded the Bronze Star w/Combat \"V\" and 3 Air Medals.

Tracy BirdSong
Charter Member

4001 Carmichael Rd, Montgomery, AL 36106, USA


Civil Rights/ Disability Discrimination Law

Eric Blinderman
Charter Member

1460 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, USA


Litigation Finance Eric is the Chief Executive Officer of Therium Capital Management\'s U.S. operations. Eric is a seasoned international and commercial litigator. While at Proskauer Rose LLP, he represented governmental and private entities in the U.S., Middle East, China, Europe, and Canada in complex litigations and international commercial arbitrations. Eric also worked for the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Justice – including serving in Iraq as Chief Legal Counsel and Associate Deputy to the Regime Crimes Liaison’s Office, where he served as the principal U.S. attorney responsible for advising on all matters of law and procedure in the trial of Saddam Hussein and seven other co-defendants. Eric holds a Masters of Legal Studies with distinction from the University of Oxford, a Juris Doctor cum laude from Cornell Law School, and a Bachelor of Science in communications with a concentration in government from Cornell University.