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Alphonse focuses on providing excellent client service and aggressive advocacy to clients in Family Law matters. Alphonse is a Certified Specialist in Family Law (CFLS) by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. Alphonse graduated with a B.A. in Rhetoric with Honors and English Literature from U.C. Berkeley, where he gave the Commencement Address for the Rhetoric Department. He also received the honor of Distinction in General Scholarship. He graduated with a J.D. from U.C. Hastings in San Francisco with a concentration in Civil Litigation and was awarded for the best student in Trial Advocacy II by the CACI Institute. Alphonse has represented clients in approximately 2,000 legal matters over the past twelve years. He has a proven track record of successful outcomes in Court, representing clients in approximately 200 preliminary hearings, and a combined approximate 80 jury trials, court trials, and evidentiary hearings.

Attorney Alphonse Provinziano did an outstanding job representing me in my annulment case. I consulted and pay another attorneys before hiring Proviziano, she of the attorneys I met with had a very defeated attitude towards my case and she was not able to work with my case and plus she was not the best attorney. Provinziano laid out a plan and gave me hope for a better outcome then what she had predicted. my case one of the most difficult and long term case because of the foreign annulment case. For this reason I hired Provinziano and I was not disappointed. Proviziano was able to negotiate a settlement and work with my annulment case. I was very happy with. Extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, and very responsive. I highly recommend him for any of family laws.
Ronald Meyer
Divorce and everything associated, is devastating, providing great stress and financial entanglement. That stated Alphonse F. Provinziano and his effective team of Provinziano & Associates, who will not only team up on your case with compassion but monitor your stress. He knows that life has no guarantees but his team stays on top of your case and concerns as well as understanding your ordeal. The whole team handles all the various aspects of your struggle with the many types of the legal forms, requests and if necessary, he will represent you in court. Their monthly billing is excellent and as I have found more than fair with their billable time. Their time with me was always in my favor. They are always approachable & accessible getting back to you in a timely fashion with your concerns. This was unfortunately my second divorce but by far my best legal team experience. At Provinziano & Associates they review every case in detail after two interviews, the intake and the one with Alphonse, and with his direction, they go back and research the law to determine the best approach, no cookie cutter representation. Through Provinziano & Associates, I as the Respondent kept my home and they protected my retirement with no entanglements! What a blessing!
Sheri S.
My husband and I hired Al Provinziano originally to handle a restraining order against my husbands ex wife. We just wanted some peace in our lives and to escape the chaos. This case turned into a child custody war along with all kinds of crazy accusations against my husband and I. Al was able to be the voice of reason in the middle of a category 5 hurricane and encouraged us to trust him with everything. He established boundaries between my husband and his ex that never would have been possible without Al's knowledge of not only the court system but also the psychology involved in family law cases. We required Al's service for 2 years of our lives... he was our constant and gave wise counsel. Sometimes people get caught up in the drama, Al will pull you out of the drama and restore the calm. Thank you Al for everything!!! Matt and I are both so grateful!!!!
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