Arlo Uriartes law practice has been focused on serving the underserved population who clamor for justice. These include victims of employment situations where hard working members of our Bay Area are subjected to difficult working conditions. As an attorney since 2004, Arlo has been successful in litigating, settling and obtaining judgments for workers in the Bay Area. Arlo is a first generation immigrant who understands the experiences and struggles of hardworking people. Arlo is the managing attorney of Liberation Law Group, P.C., located in San Franciscos Mission district. The firm also represents clients in personal injury. Arlo is also a trial attorney who fights for the rights of victims of personal injury. Arlo has worked in the Bay Area legal community since 1991, first as a legal assistant for various personal injury firms. He has extensive experience settling claims with insurance companies. While most cases settle, Arlo has experience taking cases to trial.

This guy needs to run for mayor or something. Being a lawyer is beneath him. When my employer was making my life hell on Earth, I felt so helpless. I had to have called up 10 lawyers. I dealt with so many who didn't talk to me straight. This guy actually read through my stuff. Frankly his consultation on its own gave me more time than lawyers I hired. Every other lawyer blew me off and didn't even care to look over my stuff. One even agreed to get me on a phone call, but ended up just flaking even having a consultation - Even *after* I took 30 minutes to fill out a form for him! Yeah! I think I'll be reviewing that guy next! Now it's time to reward the good guys though. Frankly I am a chicken dealing with lawyers. I'm not familiar with it. I could probably program the next big thing some day but the law to me is a bunch of wizardry. I ended up chickening out and not going through with the severance agreement. When I wrote the company lawyers a big letter to them about what I got put through they responded (in substance): The company disagrees with your points and doesn't want to discuss the matter this time. Kind of like how I came in at 5 AM to program my companies software. How I stood there and dealt with bullying behavior by people who, in fact, had little clue of the subject at hand were NOT senior. I was programming in the work force programming and only dropped out to do a summer program sponsored by Google. Do they care what I sacrificed for them? I hardly took a day off! Other's went to Hawaii! I stayed weekends! The manipulativeness of the CEO - after all my sacrifice - he even manipulated the staff to just reject my box I had mailed to me at the office. For a coffee machine I paid by hand for all to use. As if my own *taint* was a scar on the company. The CEO even bragged to his friend about how, in our performance reviews and private talks, he deliberately tried to push and stress me. Corporations that act like a parasite at the blood of an honest worker destroy the trust we have in things. The ideals that make labor actually work. What a toxic CEO. Want to know how to fix things? You clone an army of Arlos. You are completely screwed if you don't have someone on your side!
Zenia Llamas
Attorney Arlo Uriarte has handled many of my legal concerns from consulting to my personal injury. His team works so efficiently and is always available when I reach out to them. They handled my case diligently.
Madeleine X.
I was so grateful to have both Arlo and Brent review my situation and help me decide how best to address my employer after being laid off. Not only did they provide me with a complimentary consultation, but they were extremely professional and thorough in offering options and suggestions. In fact, Brent is one of the few lawyers I believe genuinely was on my side. I would definitely recommend Brent and Liberation Law Group to anyone who thinks they may have been unlawfully treated or discriminated against.
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