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Brandon was raised in Southern California and graduated with a G.E.D. from an alternative school. He pursued a B.A. in Political Science with American Military University while in service to the United States Army and a Georgia Police Department. Brandon then moved to Northern Idaho to attend the University of Idaho College of Law where he graduated in 2016 and spent the next year-and-a-half as Judge Rich Christensen’s Staff Attorney in the First Judicial District of Idaho. Brandon and his wife decided to move to Tri-Cities when they learned that their son was on his way. Brandon’s wife, LeeAnn Holt, is native to the area and went to Kamiakin High School. Prior to joining Purcell Law, Brandon practiced exclusively in family law at a local family law firm. Currently, Brandon primarily focuses on family law and domestic relation matters.

No one should have to go through divorce, but if you do Brandon will help get you through it. Brandon listened to what I wanted and, per my desire, helped kindle/preserve any chance of reconciliation even while fighting for me. He and his paralegal, Kimmy, communicated tirelessly to answer my questions. Brandon helped me understand the approach needed and the likelihood of success. His insights, observations, and recommendations were spot on. He didn't try to play dirty, but stuck to honest reasoning and negotiations with opposing counsel. Though my ex wasn't even trying to be reasonable, Brandon helped me keep looking at the big picture, rather than the emotionally charged details. Thank you Brandon for being the attorney I needed, an attorney with integrity, honest, insightful, understanding, and experienced.
Jessi K.
Brandon & Cassidy have been my attorney and paralegal from the beginning of my court custody case to current. It is no secret that retaining an attorney and proceeding through the process of court is long, exhausting and expensive. However, Brandon and Cassidy have been nothing short of awesome. Cassidy is so sweet, humble and is very detail oriented. She is VERY good at what she does and it's apparent that she is passionate about her work because she was on top of everything I needed her to be on top of. Brandon is by far the most professional, knowledgeable and straight forward attorney that I have seen stand up in the court room. You often see attorney's get up in front of the judge and start mud slinging and degrading the other party with vicious character attacks, but Brandon does not partake in this at all. He keeps his eyes set on the end goal, which is helping you achieve your goal of what is best for your child/ children. His advice isn't always what you expect or want to hear, but he is always very truthful of what to expect each step of the way and reminds you to trust his judgment because he is in court all of the time and knows the laws, which I appreciate even if I don't always understand the angles or the way things work. One thing that I appreciated the most from these two is that they were also very personable and were emotionally there through your case with you. I called and vented, cried, and was angry and they listened well and reassured me without judgement. They are both very kind hearted, judgement free people. Purcell Law is a very respectable law firm, with great morals and great staff working among them. They are all passionate in their careers, and they are a good bunch of honest people with integrity which seems to be so hard to find these days, especially when dealing with court situations. It is so typical to see a lot of crap going through the courts with attorney's playing games in court with the other parties, but they stand strong with what they believe in and represent people that they believe in as well. They don't defend or lie to the judge to better their outcomes, they play fair, and are nothing at all close to dirty crooks. Their intentions are pure, they're professional, respectful, kind and I am so thankful that I've had both of them to help guide me through this exhausting process. It's been a very long road, but I couldn't be happier with the outcome of our entire case, and that is thanks to them and their hard work and support along the way :) Thank you guys for being so great!!
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