Employment Discrimination Law

Prior to his legal career, Bryan Arce worked for 12 years as a chef in the U.S., Mexico, and Europe. Bryans experience in the food service and hospitality industry gave him a unique insight into management-employee relationships. Unlike other attorneys, Bryan has first-hand experience with many of the issues common to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Washington D.C. employment law, including discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour violations, and more. Bryan Arce founded the Arce Law Group in 2011. He chose NY, PA, D.C. & NJ because; I get to fight for employees who can not fight for themselves in the legal realm. I get to help David stand up to the Corporate Goliath. The firm solely represents employees – not employers. Some of the firm's top cases taken to trial have awarded clients millions of dollars such as a $1.6M verdict, a $2.5M verdict, $2.2M verdict and a a $4.025M verdict.

I had a seriously stressful situation at work involving harassment and abuse, and because I am the sole income for my family, the pressure I was under was unbearable. I went online to find an employment attorney to help me navigate the murky waters I had found myself in, and I was very lucky when I came across Bryan Arce. His calm, reassuring manner was as valuable to me, as was his easy competence. Many times I was panicking, not knowing how to proceed, and not wanting to end up jobless without a buffer to get me through until I found healthier employment. Mr. Arce provided excellent suggestions that helped resolve my issues. He knew exactly how to advise me at each hitch I encountered, and I also very much appreciated that he made himself available to me when I needed him. I am free from that dark situation, with a very acceptable severance, and I am relieved to close that chapter of my life. I am grateful for his skilled guidance. Worth every penny and more -- Michonne H.
I was fortunate to have Bryan Arce help me with sensitive situation quickly and confidentially. It was a pleasure and easy to work with, and very responsive and knowledgeable with all my questions. If you need an attorney in NY or NJ, I would definitely recommend calling him first.
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