My career as an elite criminal trial lawyer has focused on defending good people. When facing allegations of sexual crimes, domestic violence and felonies and misdemeanors. These types of cases are high-stakes and emotional. Of course, these allegations have a devastating impact on the accused if not handled correctly. I understand that being charged with a crime is beyond stressful. As such, I strive to explain each step of the case. More importantly, I give each client a road map to getting their life back. Without exception, I promise that when you hire me, I will work diligently and aggressively to produce the best outcome for you. My experience, awards and ratings speak for themselves.

I was facing 12+ months of prison time and terrified. I hired Carrie and explained my situation, explained how important it was to find an alternative to prison. Carrie was open, honest, and committed to getting the best result for me. She did just that, and my life is back on track! If you want results, call Carrie Fulton-Brown!
I hired Carrie through Benjamin & Healy firm, she made me feel welcome and supported in the moment I needed the most. I was going trought a DV case, she gave me the great news that she got my case dismissed before even going to court. Also they were more than fair with the price. I recommend this firm and her anytime.
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