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Cassandra T. Savoy Family and Divorce Law

Since 1991, Cassandra T. Savoy has helped divorcing parties get the best possible result, inside the courtroom and out. She is fully committed to solving her client’s problems. Her work is typified by a diligence in the pursuit of what the client believes is in his or her best interest. She prides herself on practicing law with high ethical standards and her track record demonstrates her uncanny ability to receive and maintain the trust of her clients. In the world of family law, trust is key – and few understand that better than Cassandra. Divorce clients divulge their most confidential information, which means establishing trust is paramount to achieving a positive result for all. A large part of building that trust is by word of mouth – 50% of her business is obtained through referral. One statistic that helps give our clients some calm and peace of mind: 98% of divorce cases in New Jersey will end without a trial. Cassandra is able to settle cases largely because she understands the nuances of the law and the art of compromise without capitulation. Often the law is not as black and white as much as it is gray. Understanding the nuance is a crucial part of her ability to help clients see the benefit of a bargain and to getting the other side to compromise. She can help clients find creative ways to look at the facts and circumstances. One of her primary goals is to get parties to find amicable solutions that are lasting and prevents the need to litigate and re-litigate, and re-litigate their cases after the divorce. Cassandra is proud to work as an attorney-mediator. The best part of the program is that through mediation, she helps the parties create their own best outcome! Mediation proceeds much faster than litigation saving the parties both time and money, and most importantly, saves them stress and anxiety. Significantly, when the parties complete mediation, they each have a plan for life after-divorce because they have created a parenting plan that puts the children first, and, a budget made in consultation with an accountant. Most importantly, each party completes mediation with dignity in tact. As the result of mediation, even parties who may not want to divorce their spouse, end the marriage experiencing far less stress and knowing that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

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