Christopher R. Abernathy, A Professional Law Corporation is a sophisticated law firm dedicated to providing personalized legal services of the highest quality. This is founded upon Mr. Abernathy's work ethic and demand for perfection. These qualities have allowed Mr. Abernathy to be recognized by his clients and peers as one of the premier lawyers in his region. Mr. Abernathy has had the privilege of sitting as a Judge Pro Tem, a mediator and has been routinely appointed by the court to represent litigants in Family Law matters. A Southern California native, Mr. Abernathy was born in 1970 in Diamond Bar, California and resides in Rancho Cucamonga with his wife and their three children. His practice has been cultivated over many years in this region.

I have observed several lawyers practice their craft. Simply put, and without hyperbole, Chris is the best I have seen. His ability to articulate your case and influence the court to consider his client's hopes is remarkable. For every court appearance or conference, Chris was always prepared. He keeps all relevant documents on his tablet and has complete, instant command of the paper trail of the case. Even, if I just happened to drop off some paperwork at his office and take a minute to see, Chris, he was on it. He remembers everything. Despite, his facility with the legal minutia of the case, he never lost the prevailing themes that brought me to court in the first place. Furthermore, Chris waste none of your time or money. Many lawyers seem reticent to get "it" done and rather prefer to create paperwork and therefore billable hours. Not Chris. He uses his time both in and out of the courtroom effectively and presses the case forward towards resolution. Previous to meeting Chris, I had retained a lawyer who represented me ineffectually and cost me a great deal of money. During one of those days in court wherein my ex's lawyer was kicking the backside of my attorney, I witnessed Chris argue and prevail in another case. I retained him immediately. He was everything that I had hoped for in an advocate. I have seen other good lawyers, some of whom were the opposing counsel; nonetheless, Chris strongly represented me, even when faced with formidable opposition. Just one more thing... Chris is reasonable. He will not over promise and under deliver. You will find him exactly as advertised. I both regard and recommend Chris Abernathy highly.
Sandra Sanchez
Mr. Abernathy is a fantastic no nonsense attorney. Reading reviews that discredit his skills, is untrue. Mr. Abernathy is straight to the point, no small talk, just the facts and know his law like no other. I would recommend his office, which are just as fantastic, to anyone who needs an attorney that will get results. He isn't in it for just money, he is a great, result, driven, intelligent attorney.
Anthony D.
Christopher Abernathy helped me when I needed it most. He is quick and aggressive to get you what you want and what is fair. Rebecca Perkins also assisted me greatly in my case and is very well qualified. I appreciate the work that they have done for me in this difficult time.
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