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Christopher J. Gorayeb brings to the firm a wealth of more than 30 years of experience working on cases involving construction accidents, negligence, malpractice, product liability, lead poisoning and car accidents. As manager of Gorayeb & Associates, Christopher feels that his first instinct is to help people, which is why he studied law, and that the firm is representing many clients “who have been abused in their workplace.” He knows that many people come to the U.S. in search of a better life and they start out doing manual work. However, he says, “when they get hurt on the job, they are unable to continue working and their plans to improve their lives fall to pieces. They are unable to get ahead, help their families or send money back home. That is why they come to us. We sit down with them and make them feel comfortable and safe.”

I had an accident, Chris Gorayeb and his team listen to my problems, they represent me, got all the doctors and care i need it and they are getting a very good settlement for me as well as treatment for my injuries.
Jose P.
Sometimes life hits hard, but that is not the problem. The real problem is that it hits you where it hurts you the most. When It involves your family. That is the case when you get involved in any tipe of accident. In my case a construction one. My name is Jose P. And several years ago I was working in a construction site like almost every day, but that day we different, I felt from a scaffold 84 feet high. Not only is felt but my family symbolically speaking came down with me as well. I was the only working on your in my house. But the good lord put Christopher Gorayeb and a great team to be on my side, not only on a possible trial, but thru out the entire process with professional advices and anything that I might possibly need. We settled my case not long ago for several millions of dollars. Nothing will be like before, I may be hurt but because of my great decision on picking up the right law firm, my family will no longer have financial needs like I did before. Thank you so much, Chris's, Maria, Jasmine, and a hard working team. When you have the best team, and the best team manager... You can only WIN.!!!
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