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Christopher Helt, Esq. was born in Chicago, Illinois and attended Loyola Academy, Loyola University Chicago (graduating cum laude), and Loyola University’s School of Law, and is the managing member of The Helt Law Group, LLC. His practice concentrates in federal immigration litigation involving political asylum, refugee law and deportation/removal proceeding matters before the U.S. immigration court (the Executive Office for Immigration Review) and federal court. Mr. Helt has been twice-qualified as an expert witness in federal jury trials for immigration/asylum-related matters, and is a member of the 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, and 11th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, the bar to U.S. Supreme Court, amongst other bar admissions. He is listed in Marquis' Who's Who in American law and has appeared on local, national television and national radio news programs (CNN, WBBM-TV, WLS, FOX NEWS, BBC and NPR radio). His cases and clients also have been featured on a regular basis in the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times. He has appeared on national ABC, NBC, CBS news and news programs, (Dan Rather's Eye on America interview of Mr. Helt, "Collateral Damage of the War on Terrorism", CNN national news, and on the front page of the New York Times (10/13/97) and featured in Time Magazine (“Does This Boy Deserve Asylum”). Mr. Helt's pro bono work covers a wide-spectrum of clientele. He frequently provides pro bono representation to the poor and underclass, and also currently serves as an active member of the ABA's Military Pro Bono Project. Mr. Helt is an adjunct faculty member Loyola University of Chicago and has taught separate courses on immigration policy and sociological perspectives on terrorism to undergraduate and graduate students since 2007.

I arrived in the US from the Philippines just a hope to get a better opportunity in life. However under any circumstances , the journey has been ultimately difficult especially if a particular status still under the radar. But if there is life, there is hope. I have always believe that there are brilliant Lawyers out there whose kind, compassionate and will not take your money and run and Christopher Helt is one of those good ones out there. My immigration journey has been very difficult for me, it was very tough that I almost give up. Christopher Helt has been there for me with his expertise and guidance with my immigration. I cannot believe that after many struggles with USCIS to prove my case, I will soon become an American citizen. Christopher Helt has sophisticated skills with unique ability when it comes to immigration expertise. I have no idea what he did in my case because according to one of the USCIS officer, they do not have this kind of case in twenty years. I have a very unique immigration case that only Christopher Helt knows the secret on how to win and succeed. We never give up until we won the case, that's why I owe it all to Christopher Helt and his caring team. I am so thankful for everything he has done to me. He takes the time to return emails and worked on my case personally at all times for over five years, including meeting me in the evening for an urgent matter. Christopher Helt is a special lawyer who understands what its like coming from where I have lived, and never forget his dedication to me and seeing my case to the end.
S Reh
Christopher Helt was there for me and won my deportation case. I was ordered deported and was detained for many months and was going to be deported to my home country. Mr. Helt stopped my deportation, reopened my case, removed my deportation order and obtained my release. From that moment on, Mr. Helt was always with me during my saga to legalize my status and stand up for my rights. HE FOUGHT FOR ME -- for years in the district courts and the immigration courtrooms and in different cities. I was deported in Los Angeles and Mr. Helt was there for me. My bond hearing was in Louisiana, and Mr. Helt was there for me. Mr. Helt was there for me at the Memphis court to help me obtain my lawful permanent residency. My immigration case was never easy. Even on the last day of my immigration trial, it was a very contested hearing. We won and Mr. Helt many times spoke up for me, made numerous objections, protected my rights, made sure that I was treated like a human being and with respect. And Mr. Helt later represented my wife. The day before her interview, there was a big snow storm in Chicago and the flights were cancelled. Mr. Helt left the airport and drove to Memphis overnight (THROUGH A SNOW STORM) so he could be with us at 8:00 a.m. the next morning. My wife got her green card, thanks to Christopher Helt. What Mr. Helt did for me and my family was amazing and is superhuman. I can honestly say I don't think there will ever be another lawyer who fights for the South Asian community like Mr. Helt.
Mohammed K.
An excellent attorney at handling difficult immigration matters, especially deportation cases. Sat in on consultation with a relative on 6/6/14. Christopher Helt was the attorney and really showed genuine interest in the case and gave straight up advise. He answered all our questions and didn't tell us our time was up like the last attorney we met with.
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