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Mr. Newlins passion has always been in public service. At the age of 18 he was working his first job as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for the City of New Chicago, Indiana. Mr. Newlin was only on the job for 6 months, when he was in the back of an ambulance delivering a baby. Mr. Newlin went on to become a police officer in New Chicago; and after battling frost bite for a few years, he accepted a position as Deputy Sheriff with the Orange County Sheriffs Office. During Mr. Newlins time there, he was assigned to the Patrol Division, Fugitive Division and Tourist Policing Division. Mr. Newlin received numerous awards and honors, which he is very proud of today. Mr. Newlin recently met a young woman at a hospital where a careless driver caused her to lose her unborn baby. The careless driver was clearly at fault, the insurance company for the careless driver never offered an apology or offered money to help with any medical bills. They only called and asked permission to inspect her car to make sure she was somehow not at fault for the accident. Further, Mr. Newlin met a husband and wife not long ago who were badly injured in a car accident. Their car was totaled and they were both out of work. The insurance company refused to pay for a rental car even though the accident was clearly not their fault. Mr. Newlin speaks with mothers and fathers, nurses and teachers, construction workers and police officers, people from all walks of life everyday who have been injured at no fault of their own “people who are looking for justice, fairness and help for the challenges they face each day after an accident. Mr. Newlin takes great pride in changing peoples lives. In each of these conversations he is reminded why he became a trial attorney:

Julie Harvey
Newlin team was amazing! My husband an I were taken care of physically, emotionally, mentally, an financially. Case was settled in a timely manner an I would whole heartedly recommend them to everyone, if you find yourself needing legal help! Absolutely the best!
Dan Newlin and his team came to the rescue after getting in a car accident that caused me to have surgery on my heal and have to walk around on crutches for almost a full year...but after sitting down with Dustin Smith for an interview where he explained all the details on how this works and what happens next I knew there wasn't a doubt in my mind I wanted Dan Newlin and Partners to represent me. Well I have to say that I don't regret my decision at all! I received a call yesterday from their firm to let me know the good news that they made a deal and we don't have to file a suit against the driver who caused me to total my car! Thank you Dustin and Dan Newlin and Partners for never letting me down and going the extra mile to answer any questions I had and to make sure I understood any and every aspect of what to do when getting in a car accident. I highly recommend calling this firm if ever in an accident, you won't be disappointed!!
My experience with Dan Newlin has been nothing but awesome. His lawyer Greg Ackerman was absolutely amazing. I will recommend Dan Newlin to everyone I know. So happy with all my results.
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