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Dorothy F. Easley is a distinguished attorney based in Miami, Florida. An award winning board certified appellate specialist with a diverse range of professional and legal experience, Easley has been a leading national figure in appellate law over the course of her twenty-plus year career. She currently serves as the President and Supervising Attorney of the law firm Easley Appellate Practice, PLLC where her appellate practice focuses on commercial law, intellectual property appeals, family law, health law, and business torts, among many other areas. The renowned author of the appellate treatise Successful Federal Appeals in All Circuit Courts: A Practical Guide for Busy Lawyers (3d ed. 2017), Easley today is regarded as one of the foremost authorities in appellate law. Though for her, this success was the culmination of a lifelong commitment to hard work, a trait she cultivated at a young age growing up on a farm and later working on a forestry logging crew during college.

I retained Dorothy F. Easley/Easley Appellate Practice for my appeal and she had insight, integrity and a very in-depth knowledge of every area of the law. Ms. Easley's knowledge about the law regarding my case was always informative and her research was always thinking outside of the box to help me win my appeal. I would highly recommend Ms. Easley and her firm to anyone for any type of appeal.
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