Attorney Erin P. Brown received her Juris Doctorate, Magna Cum Laude, from Cleveland Marshall School of Law and is admitted to practice law in the States of Florida and Ohio. Erin has been with Robert Brown LLC since 2002 and provides legal assistance for immigration matters such as adoption, employment, family, removal and citizenship. She is admitted to the Florida and Ohio State Bar Associations. She earned her B.A. from Ohio University before attending Cleveland Marshall College of Law, where she earned her J.D.

What a wonderful experience dealing with Erin Brown! My wife came from the Philippines and had some concerns that attorney Brown was able to address. Threats and intimidation were leveled at my wife and caused her great fear and concern, but attorney Brown was able to quash these tactics and give us both peace of mind. Erin Brown worked with us every step of the citizenship application. She was timely on communication. I had consulted with four other attorneys before hiring this law firm. Attorney Brown give us more information and help than the other four attorneys combined. The other attorneys were only concerned with getting paid for their well-overpriced services. In all my years of dealing with attorneys I will state that without a doubt this law firm is the most honest, trustworthy and respectable law firm I have ever dealt with. On top of all of that, this law firm charged from $2000–$5000 less than either of the other law firms who really wouldn't give us any information or advice other than to say we needed to hire them. Erin gave us a detailed list of everything we would need for the interview. The one thing we did not have and which WAS on the list, were utility bills in both of our names, which is what the interviewer wanted most of all to verify we lived together. We had insurance docs and car registration in both our names, and we had driver's licenses all with the same address, but the interviewer preferred utility bills in both our names. Who gets utility bills in both names anymore? So, take the warning and get utility bills in both your names! The next interviewer might be stricter. For all you immigrants out there seeking citizenship, I advice you strongly to stay away from anyone who wants to help you for a fee other than a legitimate attorney. Anyone who tries to instill fear and intimidation in you to try to get you to purchase their services is most likely dishonest and a thief. Please stay away from anyone who is not an an attorney and any attorney who charges thousands for doing nothing more than reviewing your paperwork to make sure everything is in order and to file the paperwork for you and who provides you with good sound advice and recommendations. I have met many immigrants who have spent thousands of dollars on people who promised to help them but only stole their money. STAY WITH A REPUTABLE ATTORNEY LIKE ERIN BROWN!!!!! Her firm is the real deal! I am a licensed minister. I will not lie to you or lead you wrong. Trust this review. Pagpalain ka ng Panginoon!
Matt Shantz
I was impressed by the friendly and efficient service from Robert Brown Immigration. Attorney Erin Brown was extremely helpful and personable throughout my entire process. Working with this law firm ensured that I had a successful and smooth visa process. I recommend this firm to anyone needing support with immigration issues.
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