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Since 1998, Farhan Hassan has crafted his practice around all areas of family law, including divorce and custody proceedings that have interstate and/or international complexities; complex divorce and child custody cases; multi-million dollar estates involving business interests, real estate, fraud, concealed and/or dissipated assets, executive benefits, stock options, and trusts; and high-conflict custody cases with allegations of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, parental alienation, mental health complications, and third-party custody and parenting time petitions. Mr. Hassans prosecutorial background in criminal law also make him a skilled Trial lawyer and a strong advocate for his clients. Mr. Hassan has appeared before numerous Trial Court judges throughout the seven-county metropolitan area at Trials, Motion hearings and other contested hearings. Mr. Hassan has also successfully tried jury Trials.

Mr. Hassan was perfect during a difficult time of my somewhat contentious divorce. He always treated me with respect, compassion, and professionalism. I discovered Mr. Hassan from a chance meeting with a distance acquaintance who highly recommended him. I'd been searching for and interviewing attorneys, not finding satisfaction. Mr. Hassan asked questions to seek real understanding from me and my goals. I felt heard when I spoke. Even more, he presented various options for my consideration. True advocacy! He didn't "lead" so much as he "delivered" me to a destination I desired as the best option from those he explained to me along the journey. Mr. Hassan always showed great respect for time and resources. At the same time, I feel he never compromised or missed what truly mattered. I genuinely looked-forward to my meetings with him. He made hearings immeasurably more relaxed for me. I never felt Mr. Hassan's ego or style ever eclipsed my goals. His impressive intellect and perspectives developed flexible, contingency plans during the entire process. My divorce was settled in mediation with his verve, grace, strength, and advocacy dismantled my unsavory stereotypes of attorneys. The opposing attorney embodied my negative stereotypes! Mr. Hassan always took the "high road" when the opposing attorney sought the "mud", expressed ugly boorishness, or absurd proposals. I was very proud to be associated with Mr. Hassan rising above it all... Keeping "it real" and mitigating drama in an already depressing situation. Confronting aggressive intimidation antics with grace. At times Mr. Hassan sensed my needs to regroup and collect myself in the face of changing proposals. He stopped the mediation process or a break; finding a private space to remind me of the plan, the perspective, and the means to the optimized goal - at the same time holding space for me to change my mind to stand my ground and escalate - but reminding me what would likely result from my decisions. That's Mr. Hassan's experience at work guiding me along what path I choose. Repeat: the path *I* choose. I felt in control with my advocate showing the pros-and-cons along with his opinion. True advocacy. True counsel. I can virtually guarantee satisfaction for any sane and realistic person working with Mr. Hassan. Search no longer... Mr. Farhan Hassan is fantastic.
Great communication, dedicated problem solving, and reasonable.
My husband and I are so grateful that we found Clausen & Hassan to do our ante-nuptial agreement prior to our marriage in Minnesota. All of the services that we received were extremely professional. Tim Simonson worked very hard to ensure that the agreement was exactly what we wanted. They have also recently opened an office in Mendota Heights which is very nice and has lots of available parking.
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