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Harvey C. Kallus has practiced law in New York since his admission to the bar in 1987. After several years as an associate attorney in a busy Newburgh law firm, he opened his private practice in New Windsor in 1993. Specializing in the areas of Matrimonial and Family Law and Real Estate, Mr. Kallus has developed a reputation as a determined advocate and a knowledgeable practitioner. This year he merged his firm with Barbara J. Strauss, Esq. to form a new partnership, Strauss & Kallus PLLC. The firm of Strauss & Kallus employs a deliberate and rational approach to resolve complex family law issues involving equitable distribution of marital assets and debts (including the division of retirement assets); custody and visitation; and child and spousal support. They are skilled negotiators who utilize alternative dispute resolution principles whenever possible, in an effort to maximize client input and minimize conflict. Active in the Hudson Valley Collaborative Divorce Association, the firm strives to craft custom solutions to meet their clients’ needs. To that end, Mr. Kallus works closely with Richard Mandell, of counsel to the firm, and a recognized leader in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. In contentious cases, Mr. Kallus is a ready and able litigator, giving each client and case the time and attention that it deserves. Committed to the principle that successful results are only obtained with active client input and participation, Mr. Kallus is attentive to detail and responsive to the needs of the client. Mr. Kallus’ real estate practice includes representation of buyers and sellers in residential transactions from the initial offer through to the closing.

David and Lily
Mr Kallus handled my divorce case in a calm and collected manner. Advised me on my net worth statement, spousal support,and maintenance agreement. As there was not any outstanding balances excluding the home which I was required to sell, all monetary items were handled in a clear and concise manner. The separation agreement between the two clients and their attorneys was taken care of with a court appointed official present. The outcome was very favorable for me and handled quickly with little drama or disagreement. At no time did Mr Kallus let any questions remain unanswered and all remaining items were taken care of in a prompt and caring way. I every manner I was taken care of in a very professional and understanding way. I'm satisfied in all aspects in the handling of this case and would be glad to recommend Mr Kallus to any and all persons needing an attorney.
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