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Jeffrey Wolf is the founder and lead criminal defense lawyer at Wolf Law. Mr. Wolf founded Wolf Law in order to provide excellent and compassionate criminal defense to anyone accused, investigated or facing criminal charges. Mr. Wolf was born, raised, schooled and continues to live in the Denver Metro Area. Having lived and worked in Colorado his entire life, Mr. Wolf has built an extensive network in the area that his clients benefit from. Mr. Wolf is truly a Denver lawyer. Jeffrey Wolf is a trained, skilled criminal defense attorney. Mr. Wolfs entire career has been built around the defense of the accused. After getting his undergraduate degree in political science, Mr. Wolf immediately entered law school where he worked for a District Court Judge in Denver and some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the country. After graduating from law school, Mr. Wolf immediately entered the criminal defense field at the Colorado State Public Defenders office. Frustrated by the lack of time to give personal attention to each client, Mr. Wolf entered private practice and has been representing his clients ever since.His dedication to his clients shows, as he has won AVVO Clients Choice for three consecutive years from 2014-2016. Mr. Wolf has handled thousands of criminal and traffic cases throughout the state of Colorado, including many cases taken to trial with overwhelmingly favorable results.

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When I had charges pending against me, I had a free consultation with many attorneys, and ultimately hired Jeff as my formal representation. After research, most of the attorneys capabilities were relatively equal, but what stuck out with Jeff was his ethics and personal investment in my outcome. From the beginning he tried to get a thorough sense of who I was in society and represent that to the judge for sentencing. In court he pleaded my case and balanced remorse for the action with any positive attributes to gain a favorable outcome. I liked that his payment model worked through stages that he earned along the way. I had a clear understand of what to expect from him, from the court, and the most likely requirements of my sentence. And when I didn’t understand or had additional questions on one part (and I had many) he took the time to explain and discuss the options and his recommendation with me. He had a thorough knowledge of the system and its players as well as knowledge on unusual factors related to my specific case. The result of my case was quite favorable thanks to Jeff. Great lawyer, highly recommend.

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