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Jonathan Beiser has built a successful reputation for representing the rights of those injured in workplace accidents and the disabled. Mr. Beiser advises clients and provides insights about workers’ compensation and Social Security disability which has earned him industry awards and accolades. In addition, Mr. Beiser is frequently asked by organizations such as Labor Unions, Lawyers Associations and vocational rehabilitation groups to speak at their events concerning workers’ rights as they relate to workers’ compensations and Social Security disability.

Jonathan guided me through the winding avenues of settling my insurance claim with tremendous patience, simple english, and constant assurances of the steps being taken on my behalf. Every email I sent was responded to promptly and with detailed information. I strongly recommend him to anyone dealing with a WCB issue, regardless of where you are in your negotiations. He was the one who took me from a low 5 figure Initial offer by the insurance company, to a comfortable 6 figure settlement.
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