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A really good attorney for an accident case. I’ve worked with a number of attorneys in the past on different types of injury cases, and am very pleased with this attorney and his office. He was always extremely pleasant and patient with me as I asked questions. I really feel like he knew what he was doing.
I was very pleased with the way Mr. Rosenfeld and his team handled my car accident case for me after I was hit from behind. They were very courteous in dealing with my case and got my it settled quickly and for an awesome amount. With the timely manner in which they got my case settled I was able to return to work and not have to worry about massive issues later on. I would suggest their service to anyone in need of a car accident law firm.
Muhammad S.
About a year ago me and my dog were attacked by the dog of a couple who shouldn't have been allowed to adopt a dog in the first place. After the incident I talked to the other owners and they basically told me they were not going to pay any of our medical bills and refused to take responsibility for their aggressive dog. My clothes were ripped, and I had a gash on the palm of one hand and was cut up on the side of my head. I got in touch with Jonathan, and one phone call (and some minor paperwork) later, I was all set. Jonathan pursued the case for me, kept me constantly updated, advised me on what to do and how to do it, and was able to bring the case to a highly satisfactory resolution. I have zero qualms about recommending Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers.
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