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Mr. Estevez represents, advises, and counsels both individuals and corporations on a series of legal issues from contractual disputes to potential and ongoing civil litigations and even complex sensitive government criminal investigations. Mr. Estevez has the unique position in the firm of separating his law practice into two equal—but related—fields: criminal law and civil trial work. He can do this because of his extensive experience in both the local and federal courts of northern Virginia. Mr. Estevez’s practice covers two areas. First, drawing on experience as a current prosecutor for the City of Manassas Park and former assistant town attorney for the town of Vienna, Virginia, Mr. Estevez defends private individual clients in their most difficult criminal cases. He advises these clients on a host of matters, including: fraud investigations, government subpoenas, complex contract disputes, and agreements. Moreover, Mr. Estevez has extensive experience representing these clients at trial for criminal larceny, fraud, obstruction of justice and even tampering with government investigations. Additionally, Mr. Estevez also represents clients on less complex but equally serious traffic offenses in the area. Second, Mr. Estevez’s civil practice focuses on complex civil litigation matters. Primarily Mr. Estevez represents and counsels companies on large-scale breach of contract litigations and on all aspects of government investigations related to billable work done by a corporation and for the benefit of the U.S. Government and private companies alike.

I hired JC Estevez to help with a traffic ticket. My intial contact with JC was over the phone. He took the time to ask me detailed questions about my case and driving history. He explained what charges I might face and what his plan was to have it reduced. He had a thorough knowledge of the prosecuter and the town where I recieved my ticket. At court he reviewed his strategy with me for reducing my penalties. He did an outstandig job working with the prosecutor to minimize my repercussions. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer.
everett dougherty
Mr. Estevez demonstrated professionalism and knowledge throughout the entirety of his time working on my case. Not only did he help bring my case to the best possible outcome, each step of the the way he clearly laid out what was happening and, more importantly, why it was happening. Every phone call and email was returned promptly and thoroughly. The representation I found was enthusiastic and well-informed. and I can not recommend Mr. Estevez and this firm highly enough.
Ahmad H.
I'm not sure how to begin to thank JC Estevez for his incredible hard work! I was originally recommended to JC by Andi Geloo, who is an amazing lawyer herself but couldn't help me with my particular case. I called JC on the number she provided me with and he gave me his address and he was willing to see us the same day and literally minutes after I had gotten off the phone with him. My first impression was how kindly everyone greeted my significant other and I. JC sat down and listened to our problem and I could already see the gears turning in his head about how he could help us, and things only got better and better as time went on. I struggled for over a year with my case, considered filing bankruptcy even but I slept easy knowing JC had my back. JC provided me numerous ways I can easily get in touch with him, I had his cell phone and we exchanged text messages, always replied to emails in a timely fashion, considered every aspect of our case including going so far as to anticipating psychological and strategic aspect of our case from the opposing side. JC helped us and was fair and honest from the beginning, even taking financial situations to account. His Colleagues were just as impressive and just as helpful, I know who to call if I ever need legal advice and I'd recommend Naum Estevez to anybody. I noticed that they have 5 stars from every review on google, They earned every single star and more. I'm sold for life on the work these guys do!!
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