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A native Charlestonian, Kathleen is a graduate of Furman University and earned her Juris Doctor from Regent University School of Law in Virginia. While in law school she clerked for the Solicitor's Office of the Ninth Judicial Circuit. She began practicing law in Charleston, South Carolina in 1993, and in1996 began practicing family law as an associate with Vincent and Bostic, LLP, which later became The Vincent Law Firm, LLC. During this time, she co-hosted a weekly radio show, "Legally Speaking" with attorney Curtis Bostic. After her mentor Thad Vincent retired from the practice of law, Kathleen started her own firm in 2007. Kathleen is known for her down-to-earth manner, and her ability to "tell it like it is." She is sought after for her wisdom and ability to cut through the emotion to get to the really important issues of a case. She is tireless in her advocacy, and other attorneys know that when she appears in court, she has done her homework and is there to win. Her preparation helps her to settle many cases prior to even going to court. Kathleen’s varied experience in numerous areas of the law is widely recognized as an asset by her peers, and other attorneys often seek her advice.

Debra Calfee
I live in North Carolina and when my dad passed away i needed to probate his will in South Carolina for he had some property there. Needless to say i didn't know how i was going to manage several trips down there and was refered to Ms. Ferri. She was a God send to me. She was very pleasent to work with by keeping me informed on what steps she had taken and what steps were next. I never had any questions as to what was going on. Please consider her as your get the job done person for she is the best!!
Micah Currie
She does fantastic work, and is very caring.
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