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Ms. Walsh was a prosecutor with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office for 9 years. During that time, amongst other assignments, she served as a Juvenile Prosecutor at the Lamoreaux Justice Center in the City of Orange and as a Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Prosecutor. She has chosen to focus her practice on Juvenile Law and School Discipline using her prosecutorial experience to her clients’ advantage. Ms. Walsh has extensive experience with School Discipline and Expulsion Hearings, and has successfully negotiated with schools and school districts on children's behalf many times. Her knowledge and familiarity with the District Attorney’s Office and the Judges whom she’s appeared in front of and developed a rapport, gives her clients a distinct advantage with their cases- whether it comes to negotiating great results or taking the case to trial in front of a judge or jury.

My son was charged with Lewd Conduct, P.C. 647 out of Downey, CA. After hiring Ms. Walsh, she spoke with the District Attorney, Probation, and the Judge. Even though the judge was not pleased with the offer, she was able to get my son Community Service and a Class to complete, and the case will be dismissed entirely! Ms. Walsh made it so my son did not need to plead guilty. She was extremely involved and very helpful throughout this entire process. I felt that she was with us, our family, every step of the way. She even called my son's school on his behalf to discuss the situation and his status. If your child is ever in trouble- you MUST hire Katie Walsh.
Julieta Stubrin
Katie Walsh is an excellent attorney and advocate. She is proactive, responsive, and reassuring! She answered all of my questions, and explained everything clearly and thoroughly. I knew I was in great hands. I would not hesitate to recommend Katie or to use her again.
Monster C.
Katie Walsh was a life saver when I didn't know what was going on or what to do. My young daughter was attacked at school and was seriously hurt. Both the school and police were giving us the run-around and not helping, but Ms. Walsh fought for us and made the police do their job. She answered every phone call, email, and question I had- some even unrelated to this incident. Because of her persistency, my daughter's attacker had to answer for his crime. You should hire Ms. Walsh!
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