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Kevin Seaver has been a trusted lawyer since 1991 with over 27 years of experience. He represents clients from all over Massachusetts in legal matters involving The Department of Children and Families (DCF). This includes: DCF child abuse investigations, interviews, home visits, assessments, releases, service plans, Fair Hearings, custody hearings, District Attorney Referrals, and appeals. Kevin has represented over 1000 families in and out of court. His experience in litigating, negotiating, and winning many trials has earned him a distinguished reputation. Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly describes Kevin as a leading expert on trying cases involving DCF. He is a member of the following legal organizations: American Bar Association (ABA), Boston Bar Association (BBA), Juvenile Bar Association (JBA), Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA), and more. Kevin has his LLM from Tulane Law School, JD from New England School of Law, and BS from Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

My husband and I were scared (like debilitated scared) when we received a summons. It caught us totally off guard and we were unsure what to do. My husband said "I heard Kevin is the best, we have to call Kevin!" so we did. Kevin gave us a free consultation and told us his sincere opinion on the case. Not only did he reassure us, he guided us on staying positive and the next steps to move forward. He took care of everything on the back end, and not only delivered us all the details we needed for sanity, he got us everything we needed for our case. The timeline was short and when the request "slipped through the cracks" on the system's end, he managed to escalate it and still came through before the deadline! We ended up on top because of Kevin's preparation and expertise. I can't thank him enough!
I was 14 years old when I met with Kevin Seaver. He was such a positive impact in my life and till this day continues to help me. I am 23 years old now and Kevin continues to put effort into making me the best I can be. I plan on studying law and working in the same field as him one day. He is amazing at what he does, and he advocated for me for over a decade when I couldn’t speak for myself!
I had a wonderful experience consulting with attorney Kevin Seaver. His sound advice and continued consult provided the clarity that was needed during the time period the Department of Children's and Families was involved with my family. The case with DCF was resolved relatively quickly and I was victorious in my case! Most of this is attributed to attorney Seaver. I can not express enough the gratitude my family has! I would strongly endorse attorney Seaver!
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