She obtained her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, and her law degree at University of Colorado. While in law school, she completed the Criminal Defense Clinic and interned with the Colorado State Public Defender?s Office. She was admitted to the Colorado bar in 2008 and now practices criminal defense law in Denver. She is also licensed to practice in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado. Kimberly became a criminal defense lawyer because she has a strong personal belief that every person is entitled to a legal defense ? a principle so important that it was specifically written into the United States Constitution. Diego notes that although criminal defense is a little-regarded area of law, it is vital to a just society and a field she finds personally rewarding. Kimberly?s practice is rooted in the idea that every client is entitled to a rigorous criminal defense. She places a priority on giving each case her personal attention, a commitment to service that is reflected in her successes.

I contacted Ms. Diego from out of state to defend my son who had voluntarily returned to Colorado to face a 12 year old charge. Had my son not jumped bail at the time, his punishment would have been less severe. Many disconnects were illuminated in the Colorado justice system during the process but Kimberly stuck with the case and achieved the best possible outcome we could have hoped for. She is a good person and an attorney that can be trusted. I would hire her again if I needed to. I am not saying that the case went smoothly. There were many bumps in the road. We made many calls trying to push things along. In our case, DOC followed one set of rules and the court another. Kimberly got them all on the same page as best she could. She also traveled to Colorado Springs from her Denver office and followed through with her promised fee, which was reasonable.
Danielle Holman
Kimberly is wonderful. I called her for an usual case for a family member and she answered my questions and gave me advice on how to proceed. She didn't charge me for the phone conversation and was the most helpful and honest person we've spoken too. Having friends and family who've been mixed up in the criminal justice systems its rare to find someone who is looking out for the best interest of an individual and not for the monetary gain. If we decided to proceed further with a lawyer we will most definitely hire her or for any other future cases we may have.
Adam B.
I was in serious need of legal help. In total i was facing 2 felonies and 3 misdemeanors. I was in Jail and the courts made a mistake with my bail hearing so i could not get out of jail. Kimberly used her contacts to get a bail hearing moved up and set up. She was also t get hearings moved up to get my bail reduced. She was great and communicated with my family while i was in jail. She is a great lawyer and got a lot of work done before i even pleaded not guilty. As a result of her advice and work i was able to get every charged dismissed quickly. I was facing up to 15 years in prison and she saved my life . Not only that but she was able to get the charges sealed so it does not show up anywhere on my record for background checks without me even asking. If you are in desperate help like i was Kimberly is who you want.
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