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I hired Laura Gillis Law after dealing with repeated compliance issues with my son's IEP. I met with Laura to review my issues and see if she could help. There were clear legal issues that we felt could be addressed and Laura discussed with me what we could do leading up to our meeting with the city to have a very clear idea of what my son needed. I chose to have a neuropsych completed and to hire a consultant to review the classroom options that school offered. Laura and Associates were able to clearly prove where the city was failing my child, what needed to be done to correct these issues, and fought for the placement I believed was the best fit. Laura won't baby you, she is absolutely professional, a master of education laws and able to address all areas of concern seamlessly. I am beyond happy with the results of our meetings and where we stand at this point with my son. We have Laura on retainer because there will be issues again with the district, but at least I am going to battle with the best weapon I could ask for. If you are looking for someone who will tell you everything will be fine, look elsewhere. If you want an attorney who will be clear on where you stand legally, what services or placement you can fight for and what to agree to, then you have found the firm for you.
Laura Gillis is an attorney like no other, she has helped me with my divorce and I was so pleased when my daughter, step daughter, grand daughter, at about a dozen of my friends needed help I referred them all to Laura. She listened to me, as a father I was fighting for custody and support, she told me that I was asking a lot that usually will not happen and after she told me that she worked with me to put together a very good argument on my behalf and I ended up with joint custody with father having the final say in all matters, child and spousal maintenance support. Basically her skills in the end gave me more than I truly thought I would have. Instead of sitting around with her staff in meeting trying to figure out how to bill more money to me they figured out how to best help me and my two sons. I am forever greatful.
I hired Laura in the middle of my extremely complicated, and never-ending divorce. My ex-husband was someone that kept creating conflict and his attorney was quickly becoming the ugly person that he was. I was beginning to lose hope in the legal system until I found Laura. She has a way of getting things accomplished without running up high legal bills while also respecting that I was an actual person with feelings and not just a "client." She was so compassionate to my horrible situation yet knew that she had a job to do - and she did it with outstanding dignity! My divorce may be over but I have a feeling that a have a long future of child custody battles ahead of me and I want Laura by my side every step of the way. I can't thank her enough for everything she has done not only myself, but for my innocent children as well.
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