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Lisa is also known for her aggressive defense of her clients as well as her knowledge of the law and how it pertains to their situation. She advocates for the rights and well-being of her clients and that of their children and the elderly. She has a reputation for being a very fair negotiator and communicator with other lawyers and judges, which streamlines and expedites the process. Lisa acts with compassion and understanding, while detailing in great depth the reality of the legal process and true expectations of the court process. She hopes that by being open and honest and communicative, her clients can move past this often difficult and emotional process efficiently to live the life they were meant to lead. Lisa is a licensed attorney, with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Language and Literature. She has litigated multiple bench and jury trials in civil and criminal court for the Mendes Weed law firm of San Francisco. Lisa is an active member of the Contra Costa County Bar Association (CCCBA), specifically in the Family Law, Women’s, Tax and Estate Planning Sections. Lisa has written multiple articles for the Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine. She is a member of the Robert G. McGrath Inn of Court. Lisa advocates for proposed legislation and new laws as a member of the Contra Costa County Delegation of the California Conference of Bar Associations.

"I highly recommended Mrs. Mendes for everyone who has any family Law Case. She is extremely smart, understanding, study all the details, remember everything very well and follow up day by day till you win the case. From the first day I met her she took my case seriously and explained clearly all the steps that we may go through with it. Thank you Mrs. Lisa I really appreciate all your Assisting and help."
Kelly Gargiulo
"Lisa Mendes is super sharp, smart, high minded and forward thinking. She is definitely the person I want as my advocate in a legal situation. I highly recommend her!"
Rob C.
"I worked with Lisa through a particularly difficult period in my divorce, she is an amazing advocate, litigator and subject matter expert. Lisa quickly understood the complexities of my situation, proposed the best solution and helped me make significant progress with my case and ultimately resolve it at a lower cost than I expected to. Divorce is not fun! But if you have the right Counselor it can be a lot less painful and much simpler. I came to Lisa Mendes having had one bad experience and she restored my faith in lawyers, I still reserve the right to make lawyer jokes but do so much less frequently. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone at any stage of any proceeding in Family Law cases and I seldom write these things, it takes a really amazing experience to get me to do so. Thanks Lisa and I appreciate what you did for me."
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