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I am a certified family law specialist (“CFLS”), certified by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization. I have been a CFLS since 1999. As a divorce lawyer with over 20 years of legal experience (including experience with celebrity divorces), I have served as a courtroom advocate for many divorcing clients. As a result of my experiences, I have a comprehensive grasp of the numerous divorce options that are available to my clients. As mediator and collaborative divorce attorney, I work with families to make divorce transitions smoother, more civil and less costly, particularly through alternatives to the traditional court divorce process. As a family law peacemaker, I have volunteered my time as a divorce mediator (also called a settlement officer) at the Van Nuys Family Court, as well as in the Los Angeles and Ventura Superior Courts.

If you need a great attorney, look no further than Lisa Zonder! Lisa is a very smart and reasonable lawyer, and had come recommended to me by another attorney that was a friend of mine. I was going through a very difficult divorce from a very difficult man. Despite the challenges (and there were many), Lisa rose to the occasion to do everything she could to keep the process moving as smooth as possible. I highly recommend Lisa if you are looking for an attorney that is dedicated and committed to the best outcome for you.
Sally Archer
Lisa Zonder and her support team were exceptional resources to me. Lisa was an empathetic voice of reason. She was the calm during a tumultuous divorce process. I had the good fortune to be introduced to Lisa during the 6th year of my divorce. She quickly grasped the complexity and frustrations of the dynamics of what had been a long arduous experience to date. She and her network of experts facilitated the divorce to conclusion. Lisa Zonder's integrity and fair practices are impressive. Thank you to Lisa and her team!!!
Gabby G.
I believe that Lisa Zonder was "called" to be a divorce attorney by a higher power! Lisa Zonder with Zonder Family Law is passionate about helping her clients through the divorce process, she is the calm in the eye of the storm. I have had the pleasure of seeing her in action when I was invited to attend a Second Saturday workshop here in Westlake Village where Lisa volunteers her time to educate people who are either contemplating divorce or those who had no choice in the matter and are forced to begin the process and just don't know where to begin. Lisa Zonder is a wealth of knowledge and instantly puts a room full of anxious people at ease. Lisa understands her clients as she herself has gone through a divorce and truly relates to their current situation. Lisa is genuine, caring, kind, considerate and a true advocate for her clients when they are going through a very tumultuous time in their lives. Lisa Zonder at Zonder Family law is one of the choice few attorneys that I trust to refer to my family, friend and clients. I whole heartedly endorse Lisa and her firm!
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