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Maria T. Santi is the founder of the Health and Medicine law firm. She assists patients and consumers with health and medicine related disputes. She represents patients throughout Florida in medical coverage and billing disputes, coverage actions against health insurers, and patient rights issues against medical facilities, substance abuse and mental health facilities, and medical professionals. She also handles ERISA actions when medical benefits are denied. Additionally, Maria offers legal consulting services to medical providers related to health insurance coverage issues, health law advocacy groups and non-profit organizations related to patient rights to protect patients and consumers.

"In today's world it sometimes feels like you're at war with the Medical Industry. It was a true blessing to find, consult with and then hire Maria Santi. She helped me with a medical bill that was abusive and incorrect. I was extremely happy with her service and would highly recommend her. I could immediately sleep better right after talking to her about my case. Her follow up and attention to my issues were truly exceptional. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with the service and expertise Maria Santi has to offer."
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