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Mr. Hull brings over a decade of criminal defense experience to the firm. Throughout his career, he has handled misdemeanor and felony defense for hundreds of clients with an excellent success rate. Mr. Hull handles complex DWI, misdemeanor, and felony defense matters, including corporate and white collar criminal defense. Throughout every representation, Mr. Hull’s goal is to get the best result possible for every one of his clients.

Got pulled over for speeding the day after Thanksgiving. The officer was one of those hardcore DWI cops and put me through the ringer. He used manipulation tactics and trick questions the entire time he detained me. He eventually told me if I did a few sobriety tests he would let me go which I should have knew was a lie. Eventually he pulled out his breathalyzer to which I promptly refused since those are notoriously inaccurate. At that point I was arrested and a search warrant was submitted to pull my blood. I was pretty upset and knew that due to the no-refusal holiday weekend that I would have an automatic suspension to my driver's license. Not only did Mark have me out of jail within hours but he got me set up with an occupational DL and NO INTERLOCK. Aside from two trips out of town where I just let a friend drive, my life stayed exactly the same for the entire time my license was suspended. As if that wasn't worth the hire on it's own he eventually got my case COMPLETELY DISMISSED! No plea, no probation, no obstruction of a roadway; not even a speeding ticket (which I definitely deserved). Worth every penny. Save his number in your phone right now, thank me later.
Elissa Sanchez
Mark is fantastic! He, and his team, is always available to contact for questions. Mark got my case dropped in a very quick amount of time, and it can be noted that this is a common occurrence when working with his firm. Excellent experience and I would highly recommend to anyone seeking an attorney.
Katie F.
Mark Hull has helped many of my friends get out of some serious situations. He is attentive and always available for phone calls. I have personally used him to handle some traffic tickets, which he had completely dismissed. I highly recommend Mark for any legal need you may ever have. After seeing what he was able to accomplish for my friends, I truly believe him to be the best in Austin.
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