Attorney Matthew Barhoma, founder of Barhoma Law, P.C., is a renowned criminal appeals and corporate lawyer in California. Mr. Barhoma graduated from University of California, Irvine and completed his legal studies at California Western School of Law. Mr. Barhoma has consistently been top rated by the American Associations of Attorney Advocates, Avvo, Justia, Esquire’d, and more. Mr. Barhoma has developed a reputation for being one of California’s most outstanding post-conviction and corporate litigation/courtroom lawyers.

"Mr. Barhoma got all charges dismissed! I called him when my son got a DUI. He was charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and possession of a controlled substance. Mr. Barhoma explained things so well. He eventually did exactly the strategy he outlined for us during our initial call. Mr. Barhoma knew the downtown la courthouse very well. He was able to work his magic and dismiss all charges! Mr. Barhoma restored my son a full life. And no amount of money could be worth that. Thank Mr. Barhoma!!!!"
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