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I invite you to visit my personal website to see my expanded biography at: In short, my practice is based upon honest and experienced representation, personal relationships, value for services provided, and fighting to protect my clients from an overaggressive prosecutor-run justice system. I believe in defending the rights of the individual against the State. And I do not take my clients for granted. If you are looking for a fighter and a team approach to your case or that of your loved one, I am sure I will be speaking with you soon. My motto, given to me by a client that I saved a decade in prison on wrongful charges, is We Bully the Bullies.

I was arrested for a DUI back in 2016, and didn't have to go to court until almost a year later. Hiring Matt as an attorney, was not only an incredible decision, but I feel more than lucky that he was mine. I have never had an issue with the law until all of this, and Matt came to my defense quickly with reassurance, dedication, and skill and my case was dismissed!! Matt checked in on me weekly, made sure I understood what was going on, and listened to everything I had to say with honesty, and letting me know we will get through this (which we successfully did!) . Thanks to Matt I got the best possible outcome I could have ever received. My situation was stressful and I was frequently upset/sad, but having Matt as my lawyer, made everything so much easier. Matt, thank you for always having your clients best interest in mind, and for helping me win this case. A lesson was definitely learned, but I am BEYOND thankful for you!
I would have Mr. Marner represent me in a heartbeat if I ever found myself in a situation that I needed representation by an attorney again. When you are going through a difficult and scary situation having an ally that explains each step, every outcome and his best advice dealing with your case is all that anyone can ask for and Matthew did that. He was kind and I genuinely felt like he cared about me not only as a client but as a person. He was prompt on returning my calls and emails and kept me updated on what I needed to know. If anyone needs a top notch criminal defense lawyer I recommend Matthew Marner.
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