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Mildred B. Sweeney, Esquire is the founder of Sweeney Law Offices and is known across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a knowledgeable advocate for her diverse clientele. Attorney Sweeney brings a unique educational background and experience that encompasses fields that are invaluable in her dedicated advocacy on behalf of each of you. As a Licensed Social Worker, Attorney Sweeney spent over twenty-two years working in the clinical field of mental health specializing in children's and family-related matters, A clinician trained in individual clinical and family therapy, Attorney Sweeney has worked intensively with a broad spectrum of family-related problems and dealt extensively with juvenile, educational, children and youth personnel, among others. She is intimately familiar with these areas as well as the legal implications and processes. As the Director of Children's Services in a large community mental health center, Attorney Sweeney worked tirelessly to advocate for children's services and was recognized by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare and awarded a Certificate in recognition of her outstanding commitment to children, towards helping them realize their full human and legal rights, thus reaffirming the belief that our children represent our future. As a Trained Mediator, Attorney Sweeney seeks any and every opportunity to allow YOU to take control of your life and the destiny and the lives of those you know and love most. With her vast knowledge and training in psychological matters and conflict resolution skills, Attorney Sweeney is an invaluable facilitator on behalf of you as parents and on behalf of your children. Using her legal knowledge and familiarity with legal matters, she is able to provide that expertise which only comes from an active family law practice, to facilitate you in coming to a fair and equitable agreement regarding all of your marital assets and liabilities. As an attorney, she is able to provide you with essential legal information necessary to making informed and correct decisions and choices. As an Attorney, Mildred B. Sweeney has distinguished herself and her practice with the highest level of professionalism, ethics and concern for each of her clients as individuals with special, unique needs. She tries to address those needs utilizing her vast knowledge and unique background and experience to your advantage as a tireless and zealous advocate for your interests. When a more amicable, cooperative solution does not work, you know you have an aggressive, relentless advocate who will keep your interest and needs in the forefront of any legal action and court litigation. Attorney Sweeney is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, Butler County Bar Association and Allegheny County Bar Association. Prior to moving to Pennsylvania, she was a member of the Nebraska Bar. She is a member of the Pittsburgh Family Inns of Court and meets regularly in educational seminars with all of the top family lawyers and family judges in Allegheny County. She serves as an Arbitrator for the Butler County Board of Arbitrators and the Butler County Court House. Attorney Sweeney was a founding member of the Nebraska Mediation System and served on the Board of Mediators in Nebraska as one of the initial founders of the Mediation System in that state. She is a member of the Family Law Section of the Butler and Allegheny County Bar Associations. She has taught Negotiation and Mediation skills in Nebraska and Pennsylvania. She has been recognized by her peers in Pennsylvania Super Lawyers magazine as one of the top five percent of family law attorneys in Pennsylvania.

Charles Nagle
Attorney Sweeney did a great job helping us with Grandparent Rights. We are now getting visits; and having telephone contact with our Granddaughter. We cant thank Attorney Sweeney enough for helping us in this matter.
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