A founding partner of Disability Insurance Law Group, I have over 20 years’ experience representing individuals across the country in their claims for private and group disability insurance, long-term care insurance and life insurance benefits. I having been in practice for over 26 years, originally working for a large Ft. Lauderdale firm representing insurance companies. I was instrumental in getting Congress to consider an amendment to the federal statute, ERISA, which is designed to give claimants more protection and I worked with the Dept. Of Labor to facilitate additional changes made to the ERISA guidelines. I am a member of the Florida and Washington, DC Bars. I earned by Bachelor's Degree for the University of Michigan and my Juris Doctor at the University of Miami School of Law where I graduated magna cum laude, as one of the Law Review editors, and was awarded a Dean's Fellow Scholarship.

"Mindy Chmielarz is the best disability lawyer out there. When you Google Disability Claims or Unum lawyers, what comes up is an avalanche of lawyers firms consultants paid bloggers and just about everything you don't want to read especially when the insurance carrier they are all warning you about is administrating your short term disability and long term disability plan. I don't know how I stumbled upon her international law firm, DI Law Group but I am sure glad I did. Unlike all the other attorneys who basically painted Unum to be the enemy who will deny your claim at any cost, repeatedly harass your doctors for the same information not to mention leave you penniless, Mindy did no such thing. In fact there were a lot of things that Mindy did very differently that NO other lawyer did. Atleast not without asking for payment first. As I briefed her about my own policy which was about to change definitions from own occupation to any occupation she listened. She even took the time to review all my documents and letters and even answered my questions for free. To say I was shocked is an understatement. But one thing about her stood out. She never once mentioned one negative thing about Unum. She wasn't trying to scare me into retaining her. By no means was she an alarmist. I wish there were more honest lawyers like her out there. Maybe then the term honest lawyer wouldn't be the oxymoron it is today. I remember her saying well in my twenty plus years, I have handled thousands of claims and I have never seen Unum do...that, that or even that. But if they did, they would have a major lawsuit on their hands, in the papers and on the evening news to worry about. So that got me googling again only to learn that she has went head to head with the best of them even on the Today Show advocating for her clients. But aside from advocating, she also had a proven success record winning them favorable approvals and decisions. And like her Hartford disability Insurance client that she represented on the Today Show and because of her unwaning persistence in helping me obtain all my medical, vocational reports and documentation from the Social Security Administration, I, too, received word from Unum that I was approved for continuing benefits under Erisa governed any occupation review. While there isn't anything I would like more but to get back to the old me flare-free and pain-free me, I thank my lucky stars that I was able to find Mindy Chmielarz because if not for zealous representation, I would have lost the only thing I had left, the roof over my head. Now I have one less thing to worry about until the next review but fortunately Mindy is not the kind of lawyer that is out for my kitchen sink and worked with me so that I would be able to afford her fees as she continues to manage my claim. Thank you Mindy for painting me a picture of Unum that was drastically different. For when all was said and done and faxed, you accomplished everything you sought out to do. You definitely do care. Thank you for always treating me with respect. Most of all, thank you for not taking advantage of my vulnerability and disability. Yet most of all, for helping me stay alive even as my disability continues to debilitate more and more with each passing day."
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