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Nathan has represented individuals accused of criminal offenses ranging from minor speeding tickets to capital murder since 2003. Although the consequences and strategies differ in each case, his approach remains the same. In order for the client-lawyer relationship to be successful, there must actually be a relationship. It must be a relationship where the client feels comfortable and confident that their lawyer truly cares about their case. Secondly, there is no substitute for preparation. There is no consistent way for an attorney to reach the best possible result unless he takes the time and steps necessary to be fully prepared in each and every case. Finally, an attorney must be open to negotiate, but willing and able to aggressively litigate for his client. Nathan uses this approach to reach the best possible result for his clients.

I am beyond pleased that we hired Mr. Earwood to defend my son in a DUI case. Not knowing the system, I was afraid my son would have no chance of a positive outcome. Mr Earwood knows court system and the law. Being a native of Western NC, I think, is a great asset in a defense especially when it accompanies legal knowledge and obvious respect of the court. Mr Earwood did a fantastic job in defending my son. My son's charges were dismissed. This is the best possible outcome we could have had.
Soo Son
Mr. Earwood and his staff were very helpful in my case. Everything was done efficiently and communicated each process clearly. They are very knowledgeable and experienced. He had no doubt my case would be handled swiftly woth an outcome he anticipated. The moment I called for their assistance, the weight of my issue was completely lifted off my shoulders. Thank you!
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