Mr. Andonian is a formidable trial lawyer who helps his clients solve difficult problems in and out of the courtroom. From defending against criminal prosecutions or government investigation, to litigating complex civil cases, Mr. Andonian fights for his clients to the end. Prior to co-founding CalebAndonian, Mr. Andonian was Of Counsel at one of the country's leading labor and employment firms, located in Washington, D.C., and before that was a public defender at the D.C. Public Defender Service, widely regarded as one of the best litigation offices in the country. Mr. Andonian is a frequent presenter on a variety topics related to litigation skills and training and is a faculty member at Harvard Law School's prestigious Trial Advocacy Workshop.

"Point blank. Mr. Andonian is as good as they come. He will go the extra mile and knows the law very well. He is very well spoken, keeps you informed, and does not sugar coat anything. If you are innocent then this is the guy for you. I imagine he probably works just as hard for his guilty clients too. I would recommend Mr. Andonian to anyone that was wrongly accused of a crime. I would not recommend him for someone that is guilty because I don't want guilty people to get off."
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