I practiced law for the State of Washington for 34 years; first as an assistant attorney general, then, for the last 12 years, as a member of two environmental hearings boards: The Pollution Control Hearings Board, and The Shorelines Hearings Board. As an assistant attorney general, I served 10 years with the Department of Ecology. where I represented the agency in its administration of the Shoreline Management Act, which was approved in 1971 by the people as an initiative. I litigated numerous cases, several of which went to the State Supreme Court. I retired in 2004. Since then, I have been an inactive member of the state bar. My wife and I currently live in a retirement community in Lacey, Washington. I married my wife, Maria, while I was in the Peace Corps in Ecuador. We have been married 52 years. I remain active in environmental disputes, at local, state, and national levels.

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