Sasha Westerman-Keuning is one of only 72 Lawyers Board Certified in Immigration Law in the State of Florida. She handles all types of immigration matters from work visas to family-based applications to litigation matters in federal court. Sasha is a national expert in LGBTQ immigration law and has been a powerful advocate for LGBT, immigrant and women’s rights for more than a decade and has served as the Chair of the LGBTQ Affairs Committee and many other leadership roles for the local chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. She offers knowledgeable, professional and personal service and represents clients in all types of immigration matters from employment-based visa applications to waivers and deportation proceedings. She has been featured on CNN en Espanol and quoted in the Miami Herald due to her recognized expertise in the field of immigration law. She graduated magna cum laude from Boston College and cum laude from the University of Miami Law School.

Sasha is a very inspirational lawyer, she really care about lgbt community and the immigrants that comes in the US she fights what she stands for, and when she does her job she owns it. she never backs down, and every situation she walks into you cant keep her eyes off of her. our very first day in the office we were dressed up very nice and was welcomed with open arms, her office was too die for it is gorgeous and very beautiful and her secretary myriam is very lovely and smart and helped us through the process of what we had to do and was very professional then we finally met Sasha, sasha is a brilliant outstanding women with a mind i have never seen before she could talk about anything and everything and the one thing she loves to do is help people and give them the life they deserve even if they are in a sticky situation she will do anything in her power too help get people where they need to go and she will. with out my lawyer and now one of my closest friends my babe would not be here today and i would of been heart broken but she saved us because she is simply SUPER WOMEN!!!!
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