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Scott W. Orr is a dynamic, and innovative legal professional adept at guiding families through challenging times. With a client-focused approach, Scott believes in tailoring resolutions to each client’s needs and advocating for the best possible outcome. He is a settlement-based attorney helping you to own your outcome, uncouple with dignity and always keeps the kids above all else.

As a dedicated, ethical practitioner, Scott brings extensive knowledge of family law issues and experience to represent his clients. His emphasis is to resolve matters amicably, rather than going to trial. Scott has a proven record of success as a mediator and as an attorney.

Scott’s unique skillset and background allows him to not only help you and your family but understand everything you’re going through. He digs deep to understand the underlying issues to provide long-term solutions.

"While searching for an attorney to represent me in my recent divorce I was looking for someone I could trust – as I knew nothing about the process. Scott is not only trustworthy but he also treated me with respect, kindness and patience throughout the entire process. He is very much a problem-solver and his calm demeanor and extensive mediation background helped to minimize conflict, thus saving both parties time, unnecessary anxiety and money. Scott is extremely knowledgeable about the law, he listened to understand me, he educated me and he communicated very well. I especially appreciated that he took the time to understand my children and their specific needs – in several negotiations it proved very beneficial and in the end it gave me and my children a much better outcome. Scott is very kind and empathetic and he has a genuine interest in helping people. I recommend him without hesitation."
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