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Shaun Kenney Family and Divorce Law

As the father of three (3) precocious and intelligent children, I know how important it is to protect and guide them into an unknown, uncertain and unknowing future. They deserve all of the assets and assistance they can get to succeed in a future that you, as their parent or guardian, may not see with them. Never trust your life or your children's lives with an inexperienced or untested attorney. Never! I have over thirty (30) years experience as the lead trial lawyer -- including death penalty and representing major Fortune 100 companies -- but found the criminal and civil aspects of the practice of law unfulfilling. A good lawyer can effect the lives of those living today while a great lawyer can effect the lives of those who are living and coming of age today, tomorrow and well into the future. I look forward to being of service to you and your children now, tomorrow and far into that unknown and unknowing future.

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