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Mr. Khojayan earned his J.D., with Distinction, from the University of the Pacific. As a trial lawyer from 1998-2002 for the Federal Defenders of San Diego, he conducted numerous federal felony trials with most resulting in not guilty verdicts. He has also authored and argued appeals before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals gaining reversals in several cases. After working as a trial lawyer with the Federal Defenders, Mr. Khojayan joined the nationally known plaintiff’s class-action law firm of Milberg, Weiss, Bershad, Hynes & Lerach LLP where he litigated securities class action lawsuits. Within Milberg Weiss, Mr. Khojayan was part of a select group of lawyers that handled complex, shareholder lawsuits involving mergers and acquisitions, in addition to his securities class action case load. In 2004, Mr. Khojayan opened his own practice in Los Angeles, California, where he defends clients against complex criminal accusations and litigates complex civil lawsuits. Mr. Khojayan is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. Mr. Khojayan is also the creator of the JurySelectionPro to help attorneys select the right juries for their cases. The JurySelectionPro is a direct result of his trial experience and the methods he has used to consistently and effectively select the best juries for his cases.

My name is Richard Lichten. I am a retired law enforcement official who now consults and provides expert witness services to law firms, public agencies, and the media in criminal and civil cases. Mr. Shaun Khojayan had me appointed by the federal court to assist him with a felony criminal defense case involving prison inmates who allegedly attacked a prison guard. I have worked with hundreds of lawyers. I tell you without hesitation that Mr. Khojayan worked very diligently on his client's defense. No shortcuts were taken. Mr. Khojayan did not just go through the motions; he took a personal interest in this case and worked many long hours. I know he worked long hours because I remember him calling me well after hours to discuss the case. Mr. Khojayan and I traveled a long distance to personally interview the defendant inmate. I was impressed by the way Mr. Khojayan interviewed the defendant. Based in large part on Mr. Khojayan's method of pulling out the smallest detail from the defendant, I was able to use that information when I provided expert testimony at trial. I also want to say that Mr. Khojayan took the time to not only take all of my calls; he took the time to meet with me a number of times for trial preparation. Mr. Khojayan has my highest recommendation to anyone in need of a serious criminal defense trial lawyer.
Maria Contreras
Very Professional and caring! Always attentive and great staff! Shaun loves his job because he is on top of everything and he never says no on the contrary he explains everything and is detailed as much as he can and Gracie is the best, always answers right away and does not matter the day or time and is very polite. Treat us like people and like family. Thank you, for everything!
Pedro S.
An aggressive attorney at law with a great team, yet with really good and honest advise. Start to finish. He handled my case from my bail, bond to finish. i met him because of my federal case and He defended me like if i was his brother. impressed! i am. 5 stars he deserves, yes. i highly recommend him. My case lasted almost 4 years and every time i called, text, or emailed him, he either answered right away or in a timely manner. communication was one of his priorities. He's not a robot. He's a real down to earth attorney. he and his team means business. i could go on and on about this dream team because they took me under their wing. if you have a federal case that you want to win, call Mr. khojayan and his team. They'll make it happen. Hands down. Thank you Mr. Khojayan!!
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