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Stephen is a global military defense lawyer that "exclusively" defends worldwide servicemembers facing courts-martial and misconduct separation boards. Stephen formerly served in the United States Army JAG Corps, and was likewise a commissioned Marine Corps Officer. Drawing from his singular focus in defending military cases, he has published several articles on military justice, including, but not limited to: Federal Criminal Practice: A Military Justice Primer; A PTSD Primer: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things; and Justice Guantanamo Style; Defending Gay Soldiers Who Defend America. He previously served as an adjunct professor in trial advocacy at the University of Washington, School of Law. He has been a trial lawyer since 1995.

I was caught in a whirlwind of false accusations and under investigation by NCIS. After eight months of not seeing my children due to a Military Protective Order, then another few months of not being able to communicate with or see my wife, it was obvious I needed more assistance than my appointed JAG lawyer could provide. I contacted Mr. Carpenter after doing much research to find legal counsel that dealt specifically with the military. I was very impressed at my first meeting with him and retained his services for my defense. He immediately fought so I could visit with my family and, ultimately, had the MPO rescinded. NCIS found no evidence to support the accusations and, after 1-1/2 years of ruthless investigation, my case was not sent to Court Martial. However, my Commanding Officer decided to send me to Administrative Separation Board (ASB), potentially ending my career in the Navy. Once again, Mr. Carpenter was fast to act. Due to his broad knowledge of the military and his ability to bring the best out of my appointed JAG lawyer, Mr. Carpenter put on a stellar defense. He gathered statements from family, friends, and co-workers through countless hours of interviews. Although a typical ASB takes one day, mine was two days, due to the abundant defense evidence to be presented and Mr. Carpenter’s veritable arguments. The ASB members returned a verdict of No Basis and Retention, thus allowing me to stay in the Navy and fulfill my goal to retire. Mr. Carpenter, literally, saved my family and my entire career. He still contacts me months later to simply see how things are going and discuss my career path. I strongly recommend Mr. Carpenter and his team for any military legal situations.
Clarence Chen
Thank you for having the confidence in me, and to help me to pass every part of the poly that I need for this round. I am thankful to your firm beyond words, please accept my heartfelt thanks! You help me to lift tons of burden off my shoulders, and I am able to sleep better every night from now on because the successful completion of my poly. I look forward to make more contribution to The US Navy. Again, thank you very much!
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