Ty Hyderally is the Owner of Hyderally & Associates, P.C. located in Montclair, New Jersey and New York, New York. He has been included in the Top Ten Leaders of Employment Law in Northern New Jersey and concentrates in Employment Law. The Firm takes pride in aggressively and efficiently litigating to protect the rights of their clients whether the party on the other side is a small company or a mega corporation of over 10,000 employees. This firm follows two mantras: ferocity and velocity. He has the distinct honor of being elected as President of the National Employment Lawyers Association-NJ for the maximum of 2 terms. Further, he has the privilege of being the longest sitting Co-Chair of the ABA Labor and Employment ERR Trial Litigation Sub-committee (2005 to the current day). Mr. Hyderally received his JD from the University of California (Boalt Hall), Berkeley, CA and his B.A. with Departmental Honors from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

Anna Frazzetto
"Hyderally & Associates is an incredibly efficient and effective law firm. They always have the employee's best interest at heart and have the tenacity to get what is rightfully yours. I highly recommend them and the owner is incredibly sharp and just the right amount of assertiveness to get the positive outcome you are seeking!!"
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